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Mad Beast Mini in Action 120FPS

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The Mini MadBeast is equipped with some serious performance bits that make this 1/18 scale truck a blast to drive. At just 10 inches in length this little monster truck will turn any living room or yard into a monster truck playground.

The Mini MadBeast is ready to run which means it is equipped with a 2.4ghz radio system for precise control of the vehicle. You also wont have to worry about “the other guy’s” radio and if there will be radio interference. The 2.4ghz frequency jumping system allows this 2.4ghz radio system to stay connected and avoids interference which may cause you to loose control.

We mentioned performance in this little beast of a machine. The heart of the MiniBeast lies in a 370 high performance motor that distributes the muscle to pull this truck through tough obstacles. Sticky off-road treaded rubber tires mounted on light weight wheels allow the truck to find traction on laminated floors, carpet, grass, or dirt. Independent front and rear suspension allow the tires to maintain traction through varying terrain. The shaft driven 4 wheel drive system delivers power to all four corners providing outstanding handling character. No bushings are used in this truck, fully sealed ball bearings are installed in the hubs and steering mechanism for smooth and precise movement. From the list of performance bits you are now starting to understand that this little beast is not your average electronic retail store truck. It means serious business. ?

What about the power system? Nope it does not come with the ancient nickel type battery. A 7.4v Lithium battery and charger enhances the power delivery and runtime allowing the truck to run faster, harder, and longer. It’s a new era for radio control and this truck is just that. The only drawback is the difficulty in choosing which awesome paint color to go with.

New 1/8th Mad Drift Car SICK!

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Exceed RC has raised the stakes by releasing their 1/8 scale platform on road car. The result is the MadDrift Brushless Drift Car. Ready to hit the streets right out of the box, the MadDrift Brushless Drift Car packs a long list of features and flaunts a distinctive look that will leave the competition in the dust.

This car is loaded full of features. Power is delivered through a high performance 540L 2150KV brushless motor and supported by an 80A Brushless Hobbywing electronic speed control. Enough power to deliver tire-shredding torque and reach the high RPMs needed for high-speed drifting. The 2.4ghz Radio system keeps the driver in full control. The Racing edition features all the parts in the limited edition but also includes Big Bore threaded aluminum shock bodies and front and rear aluminum differential and control arm braces for even more control. Oiled filled shocks and the included sway bars keep the car in control during hard cornering. The ESC is mounted right in the center of the car and the two batteries on either side of it to create the best possible balance and weight ratio for superb handling. All the features of this car scream performance in a ready to run package.

Hero RC H911 4ch Mini R/C Helicopter

Apparently this is the go-to heli for Bobby when he is chillin on the couch. More inventory is coming in soon!…

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Hero RC H911 is a 100 class helicopter. It is a 4 channel fixed pitch helicopter providing true radio control helicopter flight performance. It is constructed with composite plastic materials providing light weight and durability. Its elastic properties make it great for novice pilots that may crash frequently. The H911 comes equipped with a 2.4ghz transmitter with an LCD screen. The LCD screen provides the pilot with trim information and a visual aspect of trim settings. It also has a plug allowing you to charge the batteries if there is no USB port around. The Hero RC H911 is all about the fun and excitement with radio control helicopter flying. The entire package allows the pilot to be ready to fly within minutes of charging the battery. Extra spare blades are also included in the package in case of mishaps.

World’s Smallest Quadcopter FPV Setup – Walkera Ladybird FPV

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Xheli has just received shipment of the Walkera Ladybird V2 First Person View quadcopter! We were blown away by the ladybirds handling and ease of flying when we first set hands on its controls. Now the V2 FPV is out and we are super excited. If you haven’t had the chance to fly one of these awesome quad machines, now is your chance to grab the newest and latest improved version with an on board camera.

With a feel reminiscent to that of a hovering beetle, it is no wonder why Walkera chose to name their quad-copter the Ladybird. At only 4in x 4in and just 29 grams, this mini quad-copter is extremely nimble yet stable. Suitable for beginner to expert levels, the Ladybird is simple enough for novice pilots, but can also handle more advanced maneuvers. Equipped with Walkera’s 3 Axis Gyro technology, the quad-copter utilizes an accelerometer to detect movement and compensate for more stability. The Ladybird is usable in two different modes, beginner mode and 3D mode. Beginner mode limits how much the quad-copter can pitch and yaw by utilizing the 3 Axis Gyro. The 3D mode removes that limitation, allowing the quad-copter to “roll” or flip. The included 4 channel 2.4ghz transmitter allows for plenty of user settings along with a dual rate switch to control sensitivity and travel. The quad copter is also equipped with Walkera F4 transmitter featuring an on-board screen that displays live feed from the Ladybirds on board camera. With the 5805 TX onboard receiver you are now able to explore and view areas in a totally different perspective!

A quick look at the Ladybird V2 and you will notice a new shell design. It is more aerodynamic with a window to view the receivers status light. The improved throttle curve programmed into the board allows the ladybird to take off with ease. The motor housings are also reinforced. Extra protection via rubber bumpers and stoppers under those motor housings allows the Ladybird V2 to shrug off harsh landings. The thumbdrive sized camera is mounted on the bottom of the ladybird chassis and features

The Ladybird V2 FPV RTF version comes with a 2.4ghz frequency hopping spread spectrum F4 transmitter that allows for trim, servo, dual rate adjustment, and power setting. The live video feed transmits through Walkera’s 5.8ghz. The power setting reduces the power down to 50% for novice pilots. This transmitter is a 4-Channel 2.4Ghz transmitter packed with a 5.8Ghz Video Receiver and a big color LCD screen with sunshade providing a bright and clear image. Walkera has good experience developing transmitters and this is no exception. The F4 is well developed, control sticks feel smooth, transmitter body has good ergonomics and every detail feels right.

V989 Future BattleShip Gatling Machine Gun Quadcopter

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The WL Toys V989 “Future Battleship” Quadcopter is the perfect machine for those curious about quadcopters. Designed with simplicity in mind, it is light weight and its flight characteristics benefit from this design feature. Constructed of durable elastic materials and graphite booms the light weight enhances the crafts power to weight ratio. The 4 rotors are driven by 4 motors protected in plastic housings. The rotors are also gear driven which relieves the stress on the motors. The WL Toys V989 handles exceptionally well. With the help of an on board gyro and adjustable control sensitivity, the V989 is perfect for pilots of different skill level and ages. The V989 is agile, and it has the ability to do flips and tricks. With the push of a button on the transmitter the aircraft enter “trick mode” allowing the pilot to do flips and rolls. The V989 also features LED lights that helps the pilot recognize the orientation of the helicopter and aids the pilot in low light situations. One very special feature of this V989 is the mounted gatling gun that shoots plastic bullets. Armed with 6 shots the craft can fire its rounds from the push of a button on the transmitter. The WL Toys V989 transmitter features a 2.4ghz radio system. This means you don’t have to worry about signal interference and you have the ability to fly many of these at one time.

eFuel 20A 15V Power Supply

The eFUEL DC Power Supply is designed to be used as a household AC power source to power equipment that required DC power. The power supply converts standard household power 100-240V AC to 8-15V DC power and can supply up to 20 amperes of continuous power.

* Two 15 volts power outputs, up to 20 amperes
* Output voltage adjustable 8-15V
* Large LCD indicates voltage and current amperes output
* Two USB ports, 5 volts, 1000mA total for MP3 player, mobile phone and digital cameras
* Smart cooling fan
* Over temperature protection
* Over loading protection
* Short circuit protection